Black History Month Moment

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I can’t believe February is almost over! This is my final Black History Month moment… and this week, I’ve got a few suggestions for things to DO to celebrate this month.  And maybe by trying out something we haven’t done before, we can push our progress forward as human beings.

The DuSable Museum is hosting “The Evolution of African-American Music” on Wednesday 2/28 at 11:30am.  It’s an interactive, multimedia concert that traces the lineage of black music from when our ancestors first stepped foot in the new world to today.  Check out the info here.

And the Chicago History Museum’s exhibit “Race: Are We So Different?” continues into this summer, but this Tuesday 2/27 at 6:30pm, you can attend a conversation about race in Chicago.  The panelists have studied and written books about how politics, power and race play into life in our city.  More info on the exhibit here and the Tuesday night talk here.

 Be great this Black History Month… and every month!

New on the blog: @hekter23 has the challenging but fulfilling job of discussing the content of “Race: #AreWeSoDifferent?” with a wide range of visitors, from schoolchildren to adults. Read about his experience as lead gallery engagement associate at #LinkInProfile #chicagohistorymuseum #enjoyillinois

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