Newsflash: It's Nowhere Near Christmas

It is a full three months into the new year… it’s (supposed to be) spring (even though it doesn’t really feel like it in Chicago yet)… plus, it is the day after Easter.  Jesus has risen from the dead, so he shouldn't be in a manger in your front yard.  

Saying all that to say, it’s past time to take down your Christmas decorations.  All of it… the trees, the wreaths, the Santa signs, icicle lights and anything else that says December 25th must come down.

I saw at least 10 houses in a 2-block radius from my house that are guilty of this, so I know this is happening in your neighborhood, too.  (photo proof below)

I know we all get busy... & I still love you if this is you. But let’s do better, my babies. 

snowflakes on branches?
dead wreath?
Jeanne Sparrow


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