Are Young Models Looking Too Sexy for Their Age?

There comes a point in every young model’s career where they get a little too grown and upset everybody… Cindy Crawford’s 16 year old model daughter Kaia is no exception.

The model is the new face of Chanel’s new handbag line and a recent photo for the campaign has people saying the look is too sultry for someone so young.  I remember people saying the same about Brooke Shields when she did her big Calvin Klein ad at around the same age back in the day… and about Kendall Jenner in recent years… not to mention the teens in our lives who one day show up looking “all grown up” and all of us freak out because we somehow didn’t see it coming. 

It happens. And yes, it’s kind of weird that a company makes money off of that "almost grown" look… but it’s certainly nothing new and the reactions to it probably says more about what adults read into it, than it does about the kids themselves.  Children who, by the way, will indeed look like and become adults themselves far before we’re ready for it.

Look at the photos below and decide for yourself... is Kaia too young to look that grown-up or is it just a symptom of that particular age?

Jeanne Sparrow


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