Preacher Wants a New Plane?

A televangelist in Louisiana wants a new private plane that costs 54 million dollars… but says that he was not asking his followers to donate money to pay for it when he made a video recently that sure looked like he did.

After the uproar in the wake of the first video, Jesse Duplantis clarified what he meant, saying that God had spoken to him and asked him to “believe” enough for a new plane.  He now says all he was doing in his video was asking his followers to believe with him… and if they chose to get more involved, that was a blessing. 

The new plane would become Duplantis’ 4th private plane… he did say that he would donate his current plane, as he did his previous two.

 All this sure does make any pastor’s Cadillac or Benz look like an easy ask, doesn’t it? LOL

Jeanne Sparrow


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