Chicago Monorail?!

Our city could be getting a high-speed train -- I'm calling it the monorail --  if the mayor and Tesla founder Elon Musk get their way. 

It will involve construction of a tunnel under the city that will allow a high-speed train to connect downtown and O’Hare in a 12 minute trip.  They SAY we as taxpayers won’t have to pay for it... but you know this IS Chicago! LOL  Critics are already calling this a bad idea... everything from an election season distraction to a huge risk to the city's infrastructure. 

While it would be really cool to have some high-tech, high-speed ways to travel in town and you've got to think big to be big… how about we focus on making it really useful?  Like getting that high-speed train to the south side on a Friday afternoon? Or to Ravinia in the summer? Or maybe just get some upgrades to the trains we already have on CTA and Metra? But that could just be me. I guess we'll see how it all plays out!

In the meantime, please enjoy The JB's Monorail... maybe they'll play this on the train's first day out!   

Jeanne Sparrow


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