Busted by the Delivery Dude… Hater or Helper?

It’s sounds impossible to believe, but according to a story in BuzzFeed, a young woman in Iowa recently found out her long-distance boyfriend was cheating on her… from the Jimmy John’s delivery guy.

Last week, she tweeted out the story of how it all happened… and it started with her just wanting to do something nice for her boyfriend during his finals.  She called his Jimmy John’s, ordered a sandwich for delivery, told them it was for her boyfriend because she couldn’t be there for him.   Later, she got a call from the delivery guy saying that he saw the boyfriend in a compromising position with another girl and thought she should know what he was up to.

The consensus from Twitter was that it was the best customer service ever… and Jimmy John’s even said they’d cater her break up party. 

But even she and her friends had to ask themselves if they would do the same thing if they were the delivery guy… I call it a question of was he a hater or a helper?

Jeanne Sparrow


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