Happy 50th Terry Crews... LOOKING GOOD!

posted by Jeanne Sparrow - 

While all the young’uns were in a disappointed uproar over those photos of Michael B. Jordan and his private parts that surfaced earlier this week (  )… Terry Crews was living his best life in Hawaii, celebrating his 29th anniversary to his wife Rebecca on Monday and his 50th birthday on Tuesday.  And they were both looking GOOD!   

See, grown folks know how to get it in and not worry about the "little things." Don’t we?    

29th Anniversary AND last day at 49 years old. What a life! I’m so tired I look like a corpse. @therealrebeccakingcrews caught me sleeping HARD. When I woke up I caught her looking SO CUTE. I am so blessed I can hardly believe my life. God has been so good to me. #anniversary #birthday #rest

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