Alive in Chicago... Can We Keep The Peace Going?

It's always hard to fully enjoy a good summer weekend when you know Monday morning's news could be filled with stories of lives lost to senseless violence.

After last weekend's 71 shootings and 12 deaths, Chicago Police increased their presence by deploying 600 additional officers in 5 of the city's most violent districts this weekend.  And the reports this morning were drastically different: according to the Sun-Times, there were no homicides and the number of shootings cut by half.

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said they will continue to have the extra officers on the streets until they feel that "things have stabilized." 

The mayor also credited community response, centered around Bud Billiken Parade on Saturday, for the decrease in violence. 

The questions now are: will the peace continue when they eventually pull the extra force off the streets?  And what can and will we do about it then?  

As it has been said many times before...  if not us, who? If not now, when?

Jeanne Sparrow


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