Celebrating EWF's "September" Classic

Friday was the 21st day of September… which is a date that's been etched in the minds of all Earth Wind and Fire fans for 40 years since it was released in 1978. (in November!   )

I ran across a cool interview and article online from NPR a few years ago... they talked with Allee White, the songwriter who collaborated with Maurice White and EWF on the song. 

My favorite things she says about the story behind the song is that Maurice told her that the nonsense sounds “Ba-dee-ya, say do you remember” would stay in the song because it didn’t have to mean anything as long as it sounded good.  And that they went through all the dates of the month to see which one sang the best… so the 21st doesn’t really mean anything either.

The words might not have meant anything then... but the song still means everything to fans now!

Jeanne Sparrow


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