Happy First Day of Fall!

Today (Saturday 9/22) is the first day of the fall season… the autumnal equinox occurs at exactly 8:54pm tonight. 

Here are a couple of quick facts about this change of season according to the Weather Channel:

  • The equinox is the moment when the sun crosses the equator from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The days around the equinox are the only times of the year when the hours of daylight and nighttime are roughly equal at 12 hours each around the world… this only happens twice a year in the spring and fall.

Weather Channel also wanted to warn us that the earliest we’ve gotten snow in Chicago is October 12, 2006.  Eek!   Or Yay!    (Depending on what kind of weather you like! LOL)

Happy Fall!

Jeanne Sparrow


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