Chicago Loses a Legend

Sad news for Chicago blues fans… Grammy winning guitarist Otis Rush passed away over the weekend from complications due to a stroke he suffered back in 2003. 

The blues legend was well-loved in Chicago but he was not as well-known worldwide as other blues musicians of his generation.  According to the Sun-Times, he still made his mark developing what became known as the Chicago West Side Sound. He also influenced many of the biggest stars in blues, like Buddy Guy, who said he would never forget Rush for giving him one of his first shots on stage. 

Rush's influence reached into rock music as well, including the way he played his guitar left-handed. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Eric Clapton told NPR, "He got the sound that nobody else got. And there was something about that upside down style of playing like Stevie Ray has - or had. You can't do that if you're right handed. You can't make the guitar do the things that they were able to do. And Otis had that voice, too. I mean, just a powerful voice."

Rush was 84 years old... condolences and prayers to his family and fans in Chicago and beyond.

Jeanne Sparrow


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