The Next Big Chicago Voice?

Congrats to a Chicago superstar in the making… SandyRedd slayed them on The Voice last night!  

All four judges turned around for her during her blind audition... they even all left tributes on the stage for her, starting with Jennifer Hudson taking off her shoes and leaving them at her feet!  

Everyone thought she might go with J-Hud for so many reasons, including also being from Chicago... but in a surprise twist, she went with Team Kelly.  Even Kelly was shocked at the choice! 

From SandyRedd's performance last night, it doesn't look like it would really matter what team she picked because she's already a star.  Find out a little more about her in this feature from the Chicago Tribune.  

Best of luck SandyRedd... we can't wait to see you finish on top!

Jeanne Sparrow


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