THEE MOST Decadent Gift EVER!

Most of us are looking for deals today… but a French perfume company went in the opposite direction and created the most decadent, expensive gift EVER.

According to TMZ, Morreale Paris has a new perfume line that costs $20 million! It’s called Le Monde sur Mesure… which means The Custom World. It’s for women and men and it’s exclusively yours because you design your fragrance from a mix of aromas from all over the world.

But the real reason for the price tag is the bottle… it’s covered in over 20,000 diamonds and rubies and is made of 18K gold. Plus, they’re HUGE – even bigger than your biggest water bottle at 5, 7 or 10 liters. According to online fragrance expert Fragrantica, each bottle is unique, stamped with a serial number and you’ll wait about a year for it to be made.

And if you’re on a budget, there’s a smaller bottle available for just $1.5 million. Put that on your list and see what Santa says! ;)

Jeanne Sparrow


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