Y'all Better Leave Gabrielle & Her Baby in Peace!

It doesn’t take much to get people’s undies in a bundle on the interwebz these days… and yesterday was no exception.

Gabrielle Union is out here trying to live her best new mommy life with daughter Kaavia and after posting a video kissing her baby on the lips, everybody decided to tell her how wrong she was for that. Some commenters on her Instagram video went as far as to say that she was endangering her baby’s health by doing so.

My favorite thing about this whole deal was Gab’s response: "If you think I waited this long and went thru all this to put my baby in harm’s way, you got another thing coming.” Gabrielle is now 46 years old and suffered several miscarriages before she and hubby Dwyane Wade had Kaavia via surrogacy.

I realize that kissing babies and children on the lips is weird to some people, but can we please just live and let live?

Jeanne Sparrow


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