Doggie Legwarmers -- Yay or Nay?

There's a new pet product out called Walkee Paws and some people are really loving it, including Good Morning America & Yahoo Lifestyle... but I'm not so sure. (And I'm usually all for anything I can make my dog wear, whether he likes it or not!)

It's for a good purpose... to protect a dog's paws from salt and all the chemicals and dirt that can get stuck in their paw pads and fur. There are already lots of dog booties on the market for the same purpose, but it's supposed to be easier to put on than those.

The only problem is, instead just putting it on their feet, it's almost an entire outfit with straps that go around the dog's back, which I just can't see being easier to put on... in fact, it looks like it creates a whole new problem. I guess if people are loving it, more power to them! 

Here's what I need to see... I only saw 2 short videos of dogs walking in it on their Instagram, so I'm waiting for the video of somebody struggling to put that on a real everyday pup who won't walk right afterwards! LOL

Jeanne Sparrow


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