NYE Traditions for Good Luck in 2019

I believe that what’s for you will be yours no matter what… but I come from superstitious people, so I also believe a little insurance never hurts, especially on a night like this!

Here are a few New Year’s Eve traditions I grew up with and a few I found that I really like:

My grandmommy used to say women should make sure the first person to cross your threshold in the new year is a man… and in Ireland, unmarried women place mistletoe leaves under their pillows to bring good fortune and find love in the new year.

In Mexican culture, eat 12 grapes at midnight and make a wish with each one… 12 for each chime of the clock and each month of the year. But if you get a sour grape, it may mean a wish unfulfilled or an unlucky month.

And in Russia, write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it and mix the ashes with your champagne to toast at the stroke of midnight.

See more traditions from around the world here in a list compiled by ABC7.

Whatever you do (or not), I’m wishing you the best of luck and many blessings in the new year!

Jeanne Sparrow


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