This is the Documentary You WANT to SEE... I Am Richard Pryor

2019 is the year of bombshell documentaries! I stayed up late last night watching “I Am Richard Pryor”… it was screened at SxSW earlier this week then premiered on Paramount Network and Comedy Central last night.

There’s not a lot we don’t already know about Richard Pryor's life and background at this point in time, but this documentary was really moving because of the interviews... they were with one of his wives, Jennifer Lee Pryor, his friends and people who worked with him and were inspired by him. Their stories shed more light on Richard’s work and personal life and truly put it into perspective.

Some of the more interesting moments were when Jennifer confirmed what Quincy Jones said about Richard having sex with Marlon Brando and that she considered his free-basing fire injuries a suicide attempt.

Check out the trailer below (warning -- profanity) and here's a link to the Paramount Network to watch it online.

Jeanne Sparrow


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