John Singleton's Big Drama... Beyond His Stroke

News came out last weekend that famed "Boyz in the Hood" director John Singleton was in the hospital after suffering a stroke. Then earlier this week, reports said his condition had worsened and that he was in a coma.

Now, according to TMZ, there’s a battle brewing between John’s daughter Cleopatra and his mother Shelia… Shelia went to court Thursday to request a conservatorship to handle John’s business affairs while he’s incapacitated. But Cleopatra says his condition is not as bad as Shelia says... because John is breathing on his own and improving every day. She also claims that her grandmother overstated the severity of John's condition to get more control over his money to shut out other family members while she cleans him out.

John Singleton is 51 years old and didn't have any medical directives, which put the family in this position… praying he gets better soon (and that his mama means well and his family heals too!)

Jeanne Sparrow


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