So, How "Old" Are You? A Social Media Trip Down Memory Lane!

Yesterday, I played the "how old" game with a few posts on Facebook and it brought back SO many good memories for me and my friends.

First, I said that I’m “arguing with your cousins about whether Diana was singing “I’m coming out”or “I’m coming up”” old. You know you argued about that one too! (But I don’t remember what other lyrics we fought over!)

Then I took it to the clubs with…

  • I’m Coconuts when they had a happy hour and go-go dancers old.
  • I’m AKA’s when we still called him Farley Keith old.
  • I’m Funky Buddha Lounge when it was just one room old.
  • I’m when Wild Hare was basically a shack before it burned down & got rebuilt old.
  • I’m Chic Rick’s, Medusa’s, Red Dog, Club LaRae’s, Warehouse (all incarnations), 50 Yard Line (old & The New), Shelter, Taste Entertainment Center, CroBar & Heroes old.

Some of the ones I forgot that my friends reminded me of… and I don’t know how I could have skipped these: La Mirage, The Clique, DeJoie’s, Cotton Club, China Club, Jazz Oasis, Jazz Bulls, Kaboom!, Cliff Levingston’s Riviera, Limelight, The Godfather, Hot House, BackRoom, Shark Bar.

Come to think of it, I’m “surprised we’re all still alive” old! (& Thank goodness all this was BEFORE smart phones and social media!)

The best memories are old school memories… what places and lyrics do you remember best?

(& I know somebody’s High Chaparral, The Copher Box II, Pepper's, and The (original) Dating Game old – come on with it! And here are some photos and below to help you with that trip down memory lane!)

Jeanne Sparrow


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