School's Out & Summer's In!

The last day of school for Chicago Public Schools is next week (Tuesday thru Thursday depending on your individual school calendar)… and the kids don’t head back to school until the day after Labor Day, September 3rd. That means they’ve got 77 days of freedom… let’s keep them safe and make it all fun!

And that's really great timing, because the first day of summer is less than a week away on Friday June 21st. I know most of us start counting summer from Memorial Day, but the season really begins at the summer solstice – which is the longest day in terms of sunshine all year long. Here in the Chicago area, we’ll see about 15-16 hours of the sun on that day – let's just hope the weather cooperates so we can make the most out of it. For more fun facts on the summer solstice, click here.

Here’s to making summertime Chi 2019 our best one yet!

Jeanne Sparrow


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