White Sox Apologize... Is It Enough?

At Saturday’s White Sox game, an image of Emmett Till as a boy ended up on the scoreboard with other “famous and iconic” Chicagoans. (see the scoreboard photo in the tweet below and in the link)

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the White Sox apologized and acknowledged their error in displaying such a painful moment in our history in such a casual way. Their VP of communications said the employee who included Till’s photo between Pat Sajak and Orson Welles meant it as a tribute to recognize how Till’s lynching in 1955 was a watershed moment in the civil rights movement and how his image became an iconic touchstone.

White Sox management called it an “honest mistake” and that the employee regretted doing it and did not mean to trivialize Till’s legacy in any way. They also said employee has acknowledged the mistake, has apologized and will not be penalized.

Right decision… and is that enough?

Jeanne Sparrow


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