Tia Mowry: My Son Slept in Our Bed Until He Was 4

Tia Mowry-Hardrict's got a new show, "Family Reunion" coming out on Netflix next week and she's been making the rounds to all the big shows and magazines.

She recently revealed to People Magazine that she and hubby Cory let their kids sleep in the bed with them... their one year old does now and their son Cree slept in their bed until he was 4 (he's 8 now).

Tia also admitted that her mom does not approve of this non-traditional parenting but Tia's philosophy is a little more laid back... she says she doesn't want her kids to "cry it out" in the crib or have any unnecessary stress in their young lives.

She also added that it doesn't interrupt her relationship with her husband and that the creativity they use to find their alone time keeps things exciting!

So... who's right -- Tia or her mom?

Jeanne Sparrow


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