Marlon Brando Thought Michael Jackson Did It... & Testified to It!

This story set my hair on fire yesterday... news came out that Marlon Brando testified that he believed Michael Jackson "...may have had something to do with kids."

Brando said that and more in a sworn statement to the Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys... he said he came to that conclusion based on a conversation he had with Michael Jackson about his sex life where Michael cried when Brando asked him about hanging around children and young boys.

This bombshell was dropped yesterday on what would’ve been MJ’s 61stbirthday by the podcast, “Telephone Diaries: The Trials of Michael Jackson.” Brando's interview was taken for but never used in Michael’s 2005 trial and Michael was eventually acquitted on that case.

While I will concede that your friends do indeed know when you're lying about something or hiding something... this is not evidence or proof of Michael's guilt. Periodt. If it was, they would've used it at trial. Keep looking. Or not.

Jeanne Sparrow


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