Is a City Council Weed War Brewing?

Wait wait -- don’t get too excited yet about weed being legal in January… there might be another wrinkle in the plan. The Black Caucus of the City Council is making moves to delay legalization in the city by 6 months.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, members of the caucus say they’re upset because not one person of color is an owner or part owner in any of the 11 city dispensaries set to open in January. So they’re introducing an ordinance at the city council meeting tonight to push back legalization in Chicago to July to give them time to address the issue.

There’s a chance it won’t make it through… Mayor Lightfoot said she thinks equity and minority ownership in the cannabis industry should be addressed, but City Council isn’t the place for it – Springfield is. 

All I know is if they succeed in pushing that back – even for a good reason, like making sure our community gets a piece of the pie, especially after so many in our community went to jail behind illegal weed sales – some of those aldermen won’t make it back into office come re-election time. Real talk.

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