What’s Happening at Home & Outside: online concerts & reopenings

As we enter Phase 4 in Chicago and the rest of the state, there’s more to do… but still a few options for those who need to or choose to stay indoors a little longer…

You can catch a replay of iHeart’s Can’t Cancel Pride COVID-19 Relief Benefit on iHeart’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages through Tuesday.

Tonight at 7pm, the Global Goal: Unite for our Future concert airs on NBC and our sister station KISS FM… it’s hosted by The Rock, Dwayne Johnson and stars Jennifer Hudson, Usher and more with appearances from Chris Rock, Kerry Washington and others… all to highlight how coronavirus has affected marginalized and at-risk communities.

If you’re headed out with the family… Brookfield Zoo opens to members on Wednesday (7/1) and the general public on the 8th. Lincoln Park Zoo is open now to members and will open Monday (6/29) to the public. & Shedd Aquarium opens for members on Wednesday (7/1) and to the public next Friday (7/3)… just in time for the holiday weekend!

Whatever you choose, have fun and don’t let me EVER hear you say you don’t have anything to do!