Switch Up Your NYD Menu with Lucky Foods from Around the World

We’re not the only ones who have lucky foods to start the new year…

Haitians eat “soup joumou” or freedom soup… the creamy soup with beef was a traditional French soup that slaves weren’t allowed to eat even though they prepared it. When Haitians got their freedom from France on New Year’s Day 1804, they ate it to symbolize liberation, pride and freedom.

Italians like to eat lentils because they look like coins and like us, they flavor them with pork to represent plenty… all of it for good luck and money.

In the Phillipines, they serve 12 round fruits… also because they resemble coins for prosperity and wealth for each of the 12 months of the new year.

Check out more on these traditions at this link... and here's to good luck and abundant blessings no matter what you eat today!