Aaaaannnd We’re Baaaack! Restrictions Will Lift June 11th

It’s been 15 long months since coronavirus shut down life as we knew it… now, we’re baaaackkk! At least officially! ;)

On June 11th, the city will lift most of the restrictions that were put in place to curb infection rates and deaths in the pandemic. Health officials credit the vaccine for the steep decline in cases, as over 52% of city residents have received their shots. It is still recommended that anyone unvaccinated should continue to wear masks, especially around young children who cannot yet be vaccinated.

(If you want to be vaccinated, call the city’s hotline for info at 312-746-4835.)

The change means that all businesses can reopen without capacity restrictions or mask requirements for those who are vaccinated, even though it’s recommended that indoor businesses maintain social distancing. Large gatherings are also cleared to return, including festivals, concerts, conventions, church services, weddings and parties.

We’re almost there... glad you hung in there!