Black People Magic: Neicy Nash & Jessica Betts Celebrate Pride

Black People Magic is about Pride today! 

In honor of Pride Month, congratulations are going out to actress Niecy Nash and her wife musician Jessica Betts on their new business venture. 

The couple has just released a limited edition line of apparel and accessories called Betts of Both Worlds. They want the collection to inspire people to tell their story freely while wearing a label that speaks their truth. 

They created the fashion line to celebrate Black Queer greatness, acceptance, and loving the one you love. The couple was married in August 2020 and recently made history, becoming the first same-sex couple featured on the cover of Essence magazine.

Niecy told People magazine that she previously grappled with coming out about her relationship, but could not wait to live out loud with her new companion and best friend and Jessica said, “I absolutely feel fully seen, I feel like all of me is accepted. All of me is loved—and not just the part that I present, but the part that I don’t necessarily show to everyone else.”

& Remember that love is love, all love and all people are to be protected at all costs and always celebrate your magic! xo

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