Virtual Sista Strut 2020

The goal of Sista Strut Virtual is to heighten awareness about the issues of breast cancer in women of color, as well as provide information on community resources. Studies show that Black women are 42% more likely to DIE of breast cancer than white women.

Black women are not taking action due to lack of information and resources. While 92% of black women agree breast health is important, only 25% have recently discussed breast health with their family, friends, or colleagues.

With the impact of COVID-19, we are not able to come together as we have in the past.

we can continue to show financial support. For every dollar raised until October 31, 2020, the sisters network will receive a matching gift, dollar for dollar from the Coleman Foundation!

Thank you for your continuous support of Sista Strut. Here’s to Sista Strut 2020!