Chaka Khan is Selling WHAT??????

Sooooooooooooo on my head, PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, in my head, Chaka Khan is my Mother.... She's beautiful, gifted, talented and she can play the drums AND she HAS BIG HAIR!!!!!!! Yeah, that makes me related, sorta.

Queen Chaka, is debuting a line of hair, entited: 'IKhanic" OK, WHO NAMED THIS HAIR LINE? PLEASE GIVE THEM A RAISE CUZ HUN-TEE, they snapped with the name alone.

I think I know a little something about hair, still being a licensed cosmetologist, I'm sure she will brand her image, big hair? It's only smart and I love it! Mama's hair line don't come out until April 30th, I will keep you posted! You know I will!



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