The R. Kelly story thickens....

Sooooooooo word is, R. Kelly is in solitary confinement over mortal fear of other inmates. R.Kelly is in solitary confinement and if you dont know what it is, simple.... It's a cell with a metal bed, sink and metal sink. THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!! The word is R. Kelly is scared to be in being kept in general population.

R.Kelly is finding it difficult being in jail and living life behind bars, he has absolutely NO ONE to lean on and finds everyday tasks difficult, including deciphering what's on his books because he can't read. AMAZING..... With all that this man has accomplished in his life, he is still illiterate.

R. Kelly also has restricted phone access, 15 minutes a month. The way that this has happened again, it's so bizarre that 14 years later we are still in the same seat, same charges, same affiliates with R. Kelly driving at the top.... This story is so disappointing...



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