Bud Billiken Parade kicks off at 10a, Saturday....

Saturday is the big day, the 90th annual Bud Billiken Parade starting at 10am on 39th and King Drive and the city is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors this weekend. Police will be there in attendance for crowd control and keep order on what is expecting more than 200,000.

Please prepare for delays and street closures this entire weekend but the up side is the entertainment. More than 20 school bands, over 100 Chicago Dj's and local businesses will be coming down King Drive, so pull up your lawn chair and get ready for the show! This year grand marshal will be, Comedian Lil Rel, whose originally from Chicago's westside..... Tomorrow morning at 10am meet the entire staff of V103 and our sister stations, WGCI and Inspiration 1390!!!!!



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