No eyebrows? Ladies you may want to read this...

Since 2016, this young beautiful BOLD diva has been posting how-to make-up videos that has went viral. More so, because when Shalom was younger she was burned on her head, face, shoulders, neck and chest as the result of a hot oil accident when she was a child, this left the beauty super shy and wanting to not ever be seen.

Shalom taught herself the art of make-up and the proper way to apply the make-up. She hasn't stop teaching us ever since, If you do not follow her on social media you should because she just landed a year-long contract as a Sephora Squad ambassador, she also recently posted up at the Sephora House of Beauty in Los Angeles and shared some beauty secrets with Essence, and lastly shared the secret of applying eyebrows! SHE is someone you should know!!! #SomeoneyouShouldKnow



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