Fat Boys, Prince Markie Dee, dead at 52

It is really a gloomy time in hip hop. 1/3 of the 1980's hip hop group, The Fat Boys, has lost another member, Prince Markie Dee.

I did hear that rapper/song writer/radio personality, Prince Markie Dee had a serious cardiovascular issue that had went untreated and that is what sources are speculating the reason of his passing. Just before he died, Markie went to the hospital where he was told that he would need a stent to alleviate a blockage in his heart and it was also said that Markie went to the hospital because his hands and feet were really swollen and he figured something was wrong and it was. Markie did not have the stent procedure done in enough time resulting to his death.

The group is survived by 1 member, Kool Rock-Ski and the other member, The Human Beat Box, who passed away in 1995, who died of an heart attack.