Drake has an House album???

So! Hip Hop's favorite child kind got drug today on Facebook from Chicago, I read, saw and heard a lot of comments of Drake releasing a house album.

We all know that Chicago is the birth place of House Music. I said what I said, and in the past few years, Drake released a Superman remix with the producer, Black Coffee.

The remix was really good and I think this is where the spark was born, from that remix. But in my opinion, which no one asked, It was "fluffy" It was "loungy house music". I think if he really wanted true house, he should have hired some heavy weights in Chicago, we have plenty. But thats not a diss to Black Coffee because I am a student of Black Coffee as well as a admiring fan.

I still don't think Black Coffee gave him his bangas that we all know he's known for.

Google the album and listen for yourself.

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