Mo'Nique.... gettin' them coins!

What I love about this story, she stood on her words.... stood on their necks.... stood in her truth...

Mo'Nique NEVER backed down, from NO ONE. Most of us could learn a lot from how Mo'Nique called people on their Sugar Honey Ice Tea.

First, she called out Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah and in the end Lee Daniels apologized to Mo'Nique in front of a audience.. She was telling the truth.

Secondly, she called out DL Hugley. Everybody thought she was lying until she busted that contract out on social media and showed the world. She was telling the truth.

Lastly, she called out Netflix for not paying her what she is worth, compared to the worth of a caucasian comedian with no staying power. After years of going back and forth, Netflix has paid Mo'Nique an undisclosed amount.

She was telling the truth.

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