Kanye West is the richest black man in the US right now.....

Soooooo reports say that Kanye West is the richest black man in the US... Coming in at 6.6 Billion.

It got me to thinking, what about Oprah? Oprah has long 1989 money.

What about Magic Johnson? With all the investments that Magic Johnson has? He owns The LA Dodgers? He even sold his rights to The LA Lakers? Car dealerships, car insurance company, pizza franchising, and let's not mention Starbucks and Fatburgers and his Converse Contract back in teh 80's, you mean Kanye beat Magic? Ok, what about Dr. Dre? Tyler Perry? Dezel Washington? All of these men tat has put in work in the past 30-40 years...



Photo: AFP

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