Jazz Legend, Ramsey Lewis, dies at 81

Jazz pianist and three-time Grammy winner Ramsey Lewis died peacefully in his Chicago home Monday, according to a spokesperson. He was 87.

Ramsey Lewis recorded over 80 albums... I had to stop typing when I read this. 80 studio albums?? It's so much that goes into the creation of an album, writers, compossing, additional musicians, engineers to master and mix it, and then it has to be promoted and marketed. This process was done 80 times in his career.

Lewis may be best known for successfully crossing over from the Jazz charts to the Pop charts with his smash hit "The In Crowd." I had the honor to work with him when he worked at Clear Channel and from time to time, he would play his piano after his shift. Always nice and pleasant and a gem to be around.

Salute to the legend.

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