I'm sure every city in the United States of America believes it is the greatest and has the greatest festival. When it comes to summertime, there is no better place to be than Chi-Town. The Taste of Chicago is not to be missed. Every year visitors come from around the world to partake in the many delicious culinary delights the City of Chicago has to offer. 

Most of us that are born and raised in the city, have many fond memories of the fun we had at The Taste. I remember trying frog legs for the first, (and only) time. And if the taste sized bites of multicultural cuisine isnt enough to get you excited, what about the amazing local, national and international talents that grace the stages, including the famous Pertillo Music Shell. 

We don't have to wait any longer. Sunday July 15th The 2018 Taste of Chicago welcomes, The one and George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic this year at the Pertillo Music Shell, for what could be your last chance to "Getcho Funk Funk'd Up". Click here for details.



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