The Sound Of Chicago..."In The Beginning (There Was Jack) Video

When it comes to the absolute best party music in the world it's hard to deny the genre created by Chicago called "House Music". That's right I said it!!! Ok, before you say I'm bias because I am one of the Original House Music Female DJ's,  I'm not bias. I'm stating fact... At least as I see it.   

If you have ever wondered "WHO IS JACK?", check out this video from Chuck "The Voice" Roberts featuring Monique Bingham. "In The Beginning (There Was Jack)



The Sound Of Chicago: Dave Hollister "Call On Me".

The Sound Of Chicago: Cajmere feat. Dajae "Brighter Days".

The Sound Of Chicago: Donell Jones "You Know That I Love You."

 The Sound Of Chicago: Terisa Griffin "Wonderful".

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