Second Amazon Headquarters Will Not Be In Chicago

You win some, you lose some and it looks as though Chicago will not be the location for the second Amazon headquarters. Drats. Word on the street is that the second headquarters of the retail giant will be in northern Virginia. 

Had Chi-Town received the honor of being the location for Amazon's headquarters, it would have brought about 50,000 jobs to the city, something we definitely could use. Although I'm not exactly sure why the suits at Amazon chose not to bring its second headquarters to this world-class city, I'm hoping that there will still be other opportunities for the thousands of people who are looking for work, especially with the holidays around the corner. 

New York is the other state in the running for Amazon's new headquarters and officials at Amazon are expected to make the announcement of their final location some time this month.

In other Amazon news, the company is offering free shipping on all orders for the holidays ... now that's a good look. 


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