Chicago Has The World's Most Beautiful Skyline

Please allow me to brag on my city for a minute. I love love love the Chicago skyline. There is nothing like it. I have been to several countries and cities across the globe and I have yet to see something that compares to it.

Okay, now I will admit I am being a bit biased when it comes to Chi-Town because of course it is home, but seriously it is hard to compete with the variety of architectural structures serving as the backdrop to Lake Michigan. What a beautiful and clean city Chicago is!

Aesthetically we win hands down. When riding in from O'Hare to downtown on the Kennedy Expressway I look to my left and see all the skyscrapers lined up and it is a sight to behold. When I come in on the Stevenson from Midway, same thing - the way the buildings are aligned, the view is somewhat majestic. And I can't even describe the view as I head north on Lake Shore Drive and wind around Lake Michigan, it's simply breathtaking.

I'm so thankful to live in a beautiful city filled with exciting people, places and things.


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