Political Debates Are So Annoying And Ineffective

I tried so hard to have an open mind and watch the recent democratic political debates, but I walked away from the TV more disappointed than when I first sat down to watch.

It doesn't matter who is running for office or what they stand for, when it is time for a political debate, I just lose the message because there is entirely too much going on. There are currently 20 democratic candidates running for president so the debates had to be broken into two nights, with 10 candidates debating each night.

I think political debates make matters worse, especially when there are so many people trying to get their point across, often at the same time. Candidates are trying to cram what they have to say in the allotted time, with many going past their limit, resulting in the moderator having to speak over them to cut them off.

Then there is the issue of a heated discussion where there are 3 to 4 people speaking at once -- stop it please! Not only is it annoying, but the message becomes drowned out because everybody is trying to talk over one another. And the main reason why political debates should end is because there is more rhetoric about what others aren't doing, and nobody seems to get to the issues at hand and talk about what they are going to do to move the country forward if they are elected president.

After watching a political debate you're supposed to be more confident in which candidate you would likely vote for right? Well not me, I walked away not wanting to see another political debate ever again. Can we just not do them anymore please?


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