Throwback Thursday: Lauryn Hill's "Ex Factor"

Man, I remember in the late 90s when this song came out, I used to sing it with all my heart. It wasn't like I had a boyfriend or anything at the time, I just thought it was a good song and Lauryn sang it with such passion. Apparently she had gone through something because when I tell you she sang the emotion into this song? Whoooo!

To this day whenever I hear 'Ex-Factor' I'll stop what I'm doing and belt out the lyrics as loud as I can. The song is really deep when you think about it. And I'm sure couples everywhere can really relate to what she is singing.

You just have to feel something when you hear these lyrics:

"Care for me, care for me,

I know you care for me.

There for me, there for me,

said you'd be there for me.

Cry for me cry for me,

you said you'd die for me.

Give to me, give to me,

why won't you live for me?"

Yeah, this song is really deep.

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