The Legend

When a legend dies theres an empty space that takes place on Earth. The "space" stands still and cold. The space then becomes filled with the memory of yester-when and yesterday that embodies the person that passed on. We want so badly to hear the voice of that beloved, we wondered if they've fulfilled every heart desire, were they done pursuing every dream and was there any more fight in them to keep us inspired.

When a legend dies, talent shifts and the thought of conquering seems real and reachable. It would take 2 lifetimes to conquer what Cicely Tyson has done in 7 decades. Her body of work started in 1955 until 2020. But one thing that I noticed, I noticed majority of her roles were roles of strength and respect from playing the role of Vivan Perry in the 1981 role of Bustin' Loose, Myrtle in the 2005 of Diary of a Mad Black Woman to Leona McCauley in the 2002 moive, The Rosa Parks Story...

All roles of strength. Every director, script writer and director saw the same exact skill when casting Ms. Tyson. They all saw strength and pride that need to be brought to the main screen.

She was our Queen and will forever be our Queen.

She penned her memoir, Just As I Am. Reflecting on 96 years of a well lived life.

I can't wait to get my book, I want to know more about Ms. Tyson, I want to know more about a Legend.

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