9/11 Day

Union Station

In 2002, a group of 9/11 leaders joined together to form the nonprofit “9/11 Day,” to transform the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy into a National day of unity and doing good.

The purpose of 9/11 Day is to annually rekindle the spirit of unity, service and shared humanity that arose in the U.S. and spread around the world following 9/11, and in doing so, create a permanent tribute to those lost and injured, and the many individuals who bravely rose in service.

In 2009, the U.S. Congress and the President joined in supporting the 9/11 Day observance, formally recognizing and proclaiming September 11 a National Day of Service and Remembrance under bipartisan federal law.

Today, 9/11 Day has grown to become the nation’s largest annual day of service. More than 30 million people participate each year by volunteering, supporting charities, and performing other good deeds in the spirit of national unity and peace.

Our goal is to document 50 million acts of service on 9/11/23.

People/organizations can participate simply by performing or planning a good deed of any nature in observance of 9/11 Day, and sharing their “I Will for 9/11 Day Pledge” it on social media using the hashtags #IWillfor911Day, or #911Day.

Visit 911day.org for more information, and a library of tools for individuals, families and organizations.