Uber Driver Enlisted the Help of God and 911 to Save His Suicidal Passenger

INJOChad Farley has been driving for Uber for about a year and, on Monday night, the 41-year-old had a passenger he likely won't forget.

Farley posted about the “very disturbing” experience on Facebook and explained that he picked the passenger, a man in his mid 20s, from his house. The passenger began to open up, telling the driver that he'd been diagnosed with a certain type of brain cancer and the new procedure his doctor proposed had a low chance of success.

In return, the 41-year-old shared that his own mother passed away from cancer, and the two spent a little time discussing the disease.

“We talked for a little bit and I gave him my testimony of how I got saved as young boy,” he wrote. “How I strayed from the Lord later in life and how He brought me back to Himself through my mother's death.”

As the two engaged in conversation, Farley noticed something was off about his passenger's destination — it was “dead smack” at the center of Skyway Bridge, also known as Florida's top suicide spot.

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