Jimmy Prude: Jimmys Vegan Cookies

"After graduating from Howard University, School of Business I received an opportunity to work for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington as a Program Manager. I worked at Microsoft for 2 1/2 years before returning to Chicago and becoming a technology instructor at a Chicago technology charter school. After teaching Information Technology to 9th & 10th grade students, I became the Community Organizer for Chicago’s South Side Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

During my time as a Community Organizer, my focus was health and technology policy. I initiated a healthy lifestyles campaign in partnership with UIC (University of Illinois- Chicago) across Chicago’s south side neighborhoods, providing residents weekly access to an onsite nutritionist with classroom instruction. The outcomes were positive. Residents took control of their health, by incorporating plant-based (vegetarian/vegan) foods into their daily lifestyles.

In 2011 I launched Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies to satisfy vegan and non-vegans taste buds, with a pleasurable experience of a healthy and great tasting dessert that provided A Guilt Free Indulgence. My goal was to create a vegan product, that satisfied the sweetest of pallets, while still provided a healthy introduction to the world of vegan foods. Establishing JimmyVegan™ became my way to connect with the many women, men and youth I worked with, lived with, and learned from in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

I begin my introduction as owner of Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, in 2011 at the 79th Street Renaissance Festival, where we sold out of 95 containers of The Loaded-Vegan™ product in less than 5 hours. From that point on the rest is history.

Since 2011 Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies has satisfied thousands of customers all across America, both online and offline with A Healthy & Delicious Guilt Free Indulgence. We have had the opportunity to provide our product to select Chicago Walgreens locations, ArtiZone, WholeFoods, SugerBeet Grocery in Oak Park"



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