Lashonda Crockett: Pennie’s Tea

Lashonda Crockett is an educator, a tea sommelier and health professional with a Master’s Degree in Health and entrepreneur who doesn’t mind sharing the secrets of better health and vitality. Her message of custom blend tasty teas overflowing with health benefits has been well received by her audience that spans across the country.

Lashonda's expertise stems from her childhood upbringing. From a young age, she witnessed relatives deal with various illnesses and conditions. This ignited a curiosity in the human body, leading her to pursue a career in health. Following much success as a medical professional, Lashonda launched Pennie’s Tea to continue her story and legacy of helping others to live well and with no limits.

Her first tea was Instant Colonic Detox Tea. This tea was created to help you lose weight, repair your colon and feel great. By helping fellow family members and friends with my first tea I realized I could help many others. My personal journey for creating Pennie’s Tea didn’t end there. I am also a survivor of domestic violence and needed to rebuild my confidence and independence. My experiences have fueled a true passion for helping and healing others.

"My message is in my tea. It encourages people to explore and embrace a delicious holistic approach to health and wellness … healing and repairing from the inside out.”


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