Toni Kukoc weighs in on Jordan vs. LeBron debate

They never played against each other and they never will.

That doesn't stop fans from arguing, who was better - Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

James has been on a tear lately, almost single-handedly sweeping the Toronto Raptors and getting their Coach of the Year fired in the process. His greatness and penchant for last-second game-winning shots rekindled the ongoing debate.

"There is no debate. LeBron is absolutely a great player. It's amazing that he played in seven Finals in a row. But, Michael is just Michael Jordan," explained former Bulls forward and three-time NBA Finals Champ Toni Kukoc. "I was lucky enough to be at every practice over there. Just to see the intensity, the will to get better, to improve and to motivate every single individual on that team was something that I've never seen before. 

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